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Protopic information
Protopic is an ointment which can treat moderate to severe eczema. It is a FDA endorsed prescription topical calcineurin inhibitor which is to be used only after other medications have failed to work against eczema. It constitutes white petrolatum which is well-tolerated by all. Protopic is primarily a non-greasy ointment devoid of alcohol which may dry the skin.

How Protopic works?
It works by targeting the T-cells activation and proliferation. T-cells trigger production of calcium, which increases and leads to calmodulin to mobilize calcinerium .Protopic molecules penetrates into the skin and enters the T-cell membrane. In the presence of Protopic, the activation of T-cells is inhibited, thereby treating symptoms of eczema.

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Elidel (Pimecrolimus) Information

Elidel (pimecrolimus) is an effectual FDA endorsed prescription medication to treat mild to moderate eczema. This eczema medication is manufacturer by Novartis. Elidel medication is a steroid-free cream which is usually prescribed when other approaches to treat eczema are not suitable for you.

How Elidel works?
Elidel targets at the very site of the eczema development. The exact action of Elidel mechanism is not known, but it works by inhibiting the key cells involved in the growth of eczema. This activity in turn helps in the treatment of the symptoms of eczema.

Elidel dosage
A thin layer of Elidel twice daily on the eczema affected skin area with the initial appearance of eczema flare-up. Elidel should solely be used to treat eczema, which has been diagnosed by the doctor. Use Elidel medication for short periods, as and when symptoms of eczema surface. Repeat the dosage with in between breaks, after consultation with your dermatologist. Adhere to your doctors’ prescription for effectual treatment.

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