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CalMac Sport

Digest: By supplying calcium and magnesium in ionized form, the nutrients in Calmac reach the blood stream, and the calming effects are felt, within minutes.

It is possibly the most effective calcium and magnesium supplement on the market today. Calmac Sport provides calcium and magnesium in a 1:1 ratio. The extra magnesium will relax you even better.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body, which on average contains between 2 to 3 pounds of this mineral. 99% of this calcium form bones and teeth. Probably the most well-know benefit of calcium is its role in preventing osteoporosis.

This is a debilitating disease in which the bones deteriorate and as a result take much longer than normal to heal in the event of a break. Well-absorbed calcium, such as Calmac, can revert and prevent this condition.

The remaining 1% of the body’s calcium is found in the blood and soft tissues where it is required for proper muscle contraction and nerve signal transmission.

Calmac Absorption

Nutrina’s Calmac works so well because due to the slight acidity of the mixture, when hot water is added as you prepare it the minerals dissolve into calcium and magnesium ions (an ion is a mineral atom which carries a positive or negative charge from having gained or lost one or more electrons).

One of the great benefits with the ionized form of the mineral is that the body does not have to digest the mineral to absorb it but instead can assimilate the ions through the stomach lining and directly into the blood stream; also, the ionized calcium in Calmac has a far higher rate of absorption than the often hard-to-assimilate calcium normally used in tablets.

Additionally, most of the calcium in food and other supplements comes in the form of insoluble salt which depend for their digestion and assimilation on an acid stomach pH (as a result of the normal stomach secretion of hydrochloric acid). If the stomach pH has low acidity or no acidity at all, the calcium is then not properly dissolved and cannot be assimilated by the body. Instead, it can then build up in the body tissues (such as kidneys and joints) as calcium deposits, leading to a variety of problems. Such problems can be avoided by using Calmac as your source for calcium.

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